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  • ryanonthevedder: Janitor at work sold 8g of 14k gold to a jewler for $70 yesterday and asked if it was a fair deal.... told him I would have paid $100. lol that as close to mining as I ve come for months. Soon though
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Author Topic: Map Scale & Google Earth  (Read 813 times)

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Map Scale & Google Earth
« on: March 13, 2017, 02:09:16 PM »

Google Earth and scale
When asked to supply a map for exploration or mine site purposes the applicant is required to supply a map to a set scale. For example a BC NOW requires a 1:5000 for the site map.

You have Google Earth but the scale on the map is a scale bar so how do you find a 1:5000 or any other scale.

Map scales come in three major types.
STATEMENT OF EQUIVALENCY and also called a verbal scale
In this case a unit on the map is equal to a different unit on the map. One map inch is equal to one ground mile.

REPRESENTATIVE FRACTION and also a ratio scale
In this case both side of the ratio use the same unit. One unit on the map is = to X units on the map.

GRAPHIC and also called a Bar Scale
In this case a line on the map is equal to a given distance on the ground. (Google Earth)

Example in US, inch - foot - mile 1:63,360

REPRESENTATIVE FRACTION, one inch on the map is equal to 63,360 inches on the ground.

STATEMENT OF EQUIVALENCY, one inch on the map is equal to a mile. (63,360/12=5,280)

Example Metric
REPRESENTATIVE FRACTION, one cm on the map is equal to 5,000 cm on the ground.
STATEMENT OF EQUIVALENCY, one cm on the map is equal to 50 meters on the ground. (5,000/100=50)

How to translate the Google Bar to a ratio or REPRESENTATIVE FRACTION scale for your NOW

The Google bar is turned on or off in the View menu and as one zooms in from a global view it shows up at about 2500 km. The size of the monitor determines the length of the bar scale.

Move the Google page in and out by grapping the edge and you will see the bar change length.  Using a ruler with cm and change the size until the bar is at a set distance. On my screen (24") 8 cm is a good fit. Yours may be different.

At present the bar at 8cm long says 2048m
What scale is that? It is a the verbal statement of equivalency 8cm on map = 2048m on ground. To change that to ratio we need to use the same units.
2048m = (x 100) or 204800 cm 204800/8=25600 or 1cm = 25600cm or a scale of 1:25600
2048/8=256 or 1cm = 256m so time a 100 = 25600

But for our site plan we want 1:5000.
That means 1cm on the scale = 5000cm on the ground
5000cm = (/ 100) 50m so the 8cm line = 8x50=400
Zoom in until the bar scale is 400m and the map is at 1:5000
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Re: Map Scale & Google Earth
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2017, 06:55:59 AM »

Good info. Thanks for that. 8)
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